Invasive Plant Council of British Columbia

History of the Council

The Invasive Plant Council of BC stemmed from a call to action from the Fraser Basin Council’s Board of Directors on the issue of invasive plants in British Columbia after a field trip to the Cariboo in 2001 brought the issue to the forefront. The Fraser Basin Council then led the development of the Invasive Plant Strategy, a groundbreaking document that outlines an action plan to address the exponential increase in invasive plant population throughout the province.

The Strategy

The Invasive Plant Strategy was developed from input from a wide range of interests including government, First Nations, non-government, industry, user groups, and utilities.
The strategy was developed by;

  • BC Cattlemen’s Association
  • First Nations
  • Fraser Basin Council
  • Integrated Vegetation Management Association of BC
  • Ministry of Agriculture
  • Ministry of Forests
  • Ministry of Water, Land and Air Protection
  • Regional Weed Committees
  • Union of BC Municipalities

The goal of the strategy is to build cooperation and coordination to protect British Columbia’s environment and minimize negative social and economic impacts caused by the introduction, establishment and spread of invasive alien plants.

The strategy identifies, and calls for action on the “top ten” challenges to invasive plant management in British Columbia.

The Top Ten Most Significant Challenges to Invasive Plant Management in British Columbia are the need to:

  1. Improve cooperation among all orders of government, landowners and land users by establishing a body to provide province-wide leadership.
  2. Provide the necessary resources for provincial Crown lands to increase the level of invasive plant management undertaken by the provincial government.
  3. Enact provincial legislation to manage invasive species not classified as noxious weeds, and federal legislation to prevent the introduction of new invasive species to British Columbia.
  4. Improve compliance with current legislation regarding the introduction, spread and control of invasive plants.
  5. Increase management of invasive plants on federal land, with direct funding for First Nations reserve lands.
  6. Coordinate a system for the early detection and eradication of new invasive species that arrive in the province and monitor these populations’ impact and any expansion.
  7. Establish a comprehensive provincial inventory of invasive plants in British Columbia.
  8. Ensure that all areas of the province implement a regional approach to invasive plant management.
  9. Improve the management of invasive aquatic species through the necessary technical expertise and funding resources.
  10. Identify and promote coordinated research to increase knowledge and awareness about invasive plant biology, ecology, and management options and ecosystem restoration.