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Title: Noxious Weeds - Explosion in Slow Motion
Description: These Alien Invaders are destroying our natural ecosystems. Introduced to North America without their natural predators, these plants are displacing...


Title: Noxious Weeds - Shattering the Environment
Description: Weeds are both an ecological and an economic problem. They are spread mainly by humans, and thereafter by wind, water, livestock, and wildlife.



Title: Beware These Alien Invaders - Noxious Weeds - Beautiful but Deadly
Description: Beautiful but deadly, these plants are rapidly invading our forest floors, creating havoc with local flora and fauna. Quickly establishing thick sta...


Title: Weed Warrior Poster - RDCO
Description: Regional District of Central Okanagan - Weed Warrior Poster

Be a Weed Warrior - Help prevent the spread of weeds! Includes illistration...


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