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Invasive Plants Information Compendium

The Invasive Plant Council of BC's IP-InfoSource is a virtual library of a wide variety of types of information on invasive plants. This searchable database includes publications, pamphlets and brochures, technical summaries, videos and other information sources. The IP-InfoSource compendium provides a comprehensive source of existing information on invasive plants and their management relevant to British Columbia.

You can browse theIP-InfoSource by category of information resource, by common name of an invasive plant of concern, or by resources that are specific to a particular region of British Columbia.

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You can also search the IP-InfoSource by keyword, or by a combination of fields to limit the number of results you will find.

There are now 779 resources in our database. The IP-InfoSource will grow as information sources are added. If you have an information source you'd like to add, please contribute to the IP-InfoSource by clicking on Add a Resource. You can also fax or email the Invasive Plant Council with the relevant information and we will add it for you.

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