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Carpet Burweed
Invasive Plant Carpet Burweed

Carpet Burweed
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Burweed (Soliva sessilis): Key Characteristics

  • no leaflets on basal 1/3 of leaf stem
  • arching leaves, spatulate leaflets
  • leaves bright yellow-green
  • leaflets almost palmate; deeply
  • leaves and stems hairy
  • flowers yellow green and inconspicuous
  • prickly seeds can be felt at branch node before ripening
  • basal rosette of leaves; branching stems with secondary rosettes; flowers or seedheads at all nodes
  • germinates continuously from fall through winter and spring
  • older plants and germinants occasionally found side by side
  • generally 1-3 cm tall; up to 6 cm across
  • flowers March through July
  • ripe seed from early May
  • flowers and ripe seed may be found on same plant
  • seed are NOT burrs; ripe achenes are loosely attached (like sunflower), with spine pointing up
  • 10 - 20 seed per seedhead
  • 1 - 10 flowers or seedheads per plant

Immature Burweed
Immature burweed, November - June

Mature Burweed
Mature burweed, March - July; flower at centre

Burweed Germinants
Burweed germinants, September - May

Mature Burweed
Mature burweed; hairy leaves and stem; flowers at nodes