Invasive Plant Council of British Columbia

RCE Committee Draft Legislation Compendium

Background on the RCE Committee

The IPCBC has established five committees to provide input and expertise on key Council actions as outlined in the Invasive Plant Strategy for BC. The Regulation, Compliance and Enforcement (RCE) Committee was formed to strive for improved compliance with existing policy and to recommend legislative and regulatory change where compliance has been unsuccessful.

The RCE Committee Goal

It is the goal of the Regulation, Compliance and Enforcement (RCE) Committee to improve the management of invasive plants in BC by ensuring that existing legislation, regulation and policy within all jurisdictions is integrated and functioning effectively and efficiently.

One of the first tasks undertaken by the RCE Committee was the development of an invasive plant Legislation Compendium. The intent of the Compendium is to provide a comprehensive listing of all legislation, regulations and policy with relevance to invasive plant management in British Columbia.
Following the development of the Compendium, the RCE Committee began the process of reviewing the results. The Committee is currently reviewing the effectiveness of the existing legislative framework surrounding invasive plant management in BC and Canada, and working towards improved compliance through education!

The RCE Committee's draft1 Legislation Compendium, which includes legislative listings from international, federal, provincial, municipal and first nations sources, is now available for download. The IPCBC invites you to download your own copy of the draft Compendium and educate yourself about the legislative framework surrounding invasive plant management in BC.

Download the Legislation Compendium (pdf, 0.3 MB)


Further Information
If you have any questions or would like to request more information, please contact our RCE Committee Coordinator as follows:
Jodi Romyn
Invasive Plant Council of BC
RCE Committee Coordinator
Email: jromyn[at]

1. The document is in draft format due to the complexity of maintaining a current listing of legislation.